Crypto Max

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The following features are what we will include cryptocurrency exchange design:

  1. Large selection of trading pairs: All solid exchanges should of course have both BTC and ETH, but to really cater for the needs of the community, I think that there should be a large selection of altcoin trading pairs. For any investors going more towards altcoins, then your exchange would not need to loose them.
  2. Intuitive and easy UX: Self-explanatory point. Many exchanges are experienced as “too complicated” by investors.
  3. Low trading fees and withdrawal fees: Trading fees range from 0 to 20.00% (yeah you read that right, 20.00%). Industry average is arguably around 0.25%. To really attract investors, set a trading fee below 0.25%.
  4. Many different deposit methods: Make it possible to deposit with debit cards and wire transfers. Many exchanges only accept deposits through cryptocurrencies and if you’re a totally new investor, you would then have to go and get crypto from somewhere else.
  5. Security: Also self-explanatory. Security is always of the utmost importance and cannot in any way be less than perfect.
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Fast Development Delivery
Affordable and Cheap
Good Analysis
All Use Software are Compatible
H5 & C4 Integration

Crypto Max is a digital or virtual currency that uses cryptography. A cryptocurrency is difficult to hack because of our  security feature.


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